Better To Give

It's Good To Give

“Real Charity is giving from the heart without taking credit”

Charity is to give something which belongs to you with the purpose to help someone. The practice of charity means the voluntary giving of help to those in need, as a humanitarian act. Social & Spiritual Benefits of Charity: Charitable giving is an essential part of our spiritual traditions. If you believe God is Love, as I do, then charity, faith, and spirituality are central to everything you do in both your vocational life and personal life. “Charity isn’t about pity, it’s all about love” There’s never going to be a perfect time to give. Charity is the best way to help those in need. When you donate money to charity, you improve a quality of life of someone. Shopcarate online shopping website offers you to become part of this sacred mission. If you buy anything from us, 2% of the total sales go to charity. Our charity/donations are for:

• Humanitarian aid: we give material and logistic help to victims of disasters or violence. It can include food, water, medical supplies, tents, and other requirements for emergency aid.

• Awareness: Some amount of charity goes to create awareness in people. We think for developed society awareness is a key factor.

• Food: Food is a basic need. Millions living on this planet face the shortage of food, our 2% charity plan include food supply for such people.

• Free education: We understand that education is a building block for any country. From this charity, we offer free education for needy.

• Medicines: Medication is the basic need of life. Life will be at risk If proper treatment and medication aren't available. People and animals die due to unavailability of medicines We offer free medication for those who can’t afford it.