Leheriya Saree: What makes it Special - Special Post by Ruby Khowaja

Leheriya Saree: What makes it Special - Special Post by Ruby Khowaja

Leheria (or leheriya) is a traditional style of tie and dye practice in Rajasthan, India. Leheriya in English means waves, so leheriya saree means saree with waves design/pattern. The process of making leheriya saree is different which makes it special and expensive. A handmade Leheriya Saree goes into several hours’ process to get its final look. This process involves many lengthy steps.Lets understand the process in detail

  • Leheriya design maker ties a saree fabri with threads using a stick and hands. This step alone takes 4 hours per saree.
  • After this, they dip it into colors for 2 hours.
  • 2 hours later, takes the fabric from the bucket of color and leave it in the sun to dry for few hours.
  • After it is dry, the ties are open by hand. This process takes an hour per Saree
  • Saree undergoes a final checking and is ready to ship to the sellers.

Above mentioned is a process of a single color leheriya. A complex multi color design takes muh time and efforts. Leheriya sarees with sequence and gota patti work are suitable for party wear look. Fabrics qualities of leheriya saree are Nylon, Chiffon, Georgette, Cotton and Silk. Nylon Leheriya saree is the chepeast in the market where as Silk leheriya saree is the most expensive. Chiffon and georgette leheriya saree are most common. You can shop a good quality plain leheriya saree for Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200. You can get a good quality leheriya saree with gota patti and sequence work for RS. 4000 to Rs. 10,000.

Resellers can get their custom leheriya made. The minimum quantity is 100 pieces per order


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